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5 reasons why gamers will never come to Decentraland Cover

5 reasons why gamers will never come to Decentraland

All over the world, gamers who are into AAA games hate any publisher’s attempts to implement NFT in games. We decided to find out how they will feel about the Decentraland metaverse.

Christine Graule, a gamer and metaverse explorer, helped us with this. She named 5 reasons why gamers would not be interested in such a metaverse. We present an edited version of the conversation in the article.


All of the reasons listed below arise from the increased demands of AAA gamers. They buy dedicated gaming PCs and consoles and expect superb performance and realistic graphics from games.

In addition, the plot is very important to them, since the most beautiful games are designed for single player. It is interesting to watch the development of the story and the character in them — this is very important for gamers.


When someone says “works in the browser” to gamers like me, I immediately imagine games from 2007. It was popular then and now it’s perceived more as something nostalgic. And this is not at all what the gamer expects from the metaverse. 

If someone advised me Decentraland and started by saying that this is a browser game, I wouldn’t listen further. I’d say out of courtesy that I would look, but I wouldn’t do it. Because when I hear the words “browser” I imagine something like this:

2007 browser game screenshot
2007 browser game
2007 browser game screenshot
Another 2007 browser game

I don’t mind remembering my 2007, but it certainly won’t be my permanent occupation. Gamers are accustomed to desktop clients, and if the developers of the metaverse want to attract them, then they should follow the same path as gaming companies.


The gamer’s eyes are accustomed to games like The Last Of Us Part II, Red Dead Redemption 2, Death Stranding, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Decentraland will most likely not be interesting, because the difference in graphics is so strong that it’s not even interesting to start.

The Last of Us: Part II screenshot
The Last of Us Part II gameplay
Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot
Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay
Death Stranding screenshot
Death Stranding gameplay
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt screenshot
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay

And Decentraland also has a very cartoonish graphic style. It feels like some kind of child’s play. Judging only by the graphic style, if it would have been like The Overwatch — then the chances of gamers liking it would have been higher.

Decentraland screenshot
For AAA gamers, Decentraland’s graphic style is very cartoonish.
The Overwatch screenshot
The Overwatch graphic style


It’s impossible to convince me and say that Decentraland is great to chat and make friends and acquaintances. This is a mechanic that is generally incomprehensible to me: how much time do I need to spend to find someone? The world is huge. And then it turns out that this someone doesn’t speak my language or will harass me, as in the recent history in Horizon Worlds.

Most gamers are introverts. They quietly play games and chat on Discord. Because it’s comfortable, it’s simple and awesome. In general, I found a lot of friends in Discord. For example, we sometimes call up and watch movies together or discuss something.

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I don’t need to waste time and run around the huge world to meet and chat with someone. The huge world has shrunk to the size of a chat, and I can make acquaintances very quickly and easily. And this despite the fact that I’m an introvert and it can be difficult for me to get acquainted in life.

I also use Twitch for socializing. For example, I met one streamer there and now we’re friends. We share a common interest in a particular game and we always have something to talk about. And in his chat I met new people.

In short, I don’t need other communication tools, and I won’t change them myself either. And this opinion is shared by most gamers.


For gamers, all the quests in Decentraland look like a kindergarten. When there is an option to go to Call of Duty and shoot virtual players in excellent quality and without glitches, then why play children’s quests, where there is some kind of gun made from several polygons that is buggy or shoots with god knows what. It’s more of an annoyance than a relief.

The shooter game in Decentraland GIF
Gameplay of the shooter game in Decentraland
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) gameplay

And if someone tells me that I can make a quest in Decentraland and somehow earn money on it, then I’ll send a link to the Itpedia influencer, who really earns. True, he makes money in GTA 5 and makes cool scripts for them. Any gamer can create a server there and do something cool, and the company will pay him for the users. It’s so popular among gamers that they won’t look for something else outside the gaming industry.


And even if all the previous points are changed and improved, most gamers will still be repulsed by the fact that this is somehow related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Why so?


Quote from an unknown gamer

Most gamers don’t like it because there are so-called miners who buy graphics cards on an industrial scale. And from this, the prices for computers as a whole and in the assembly are rising. And gamers need graphics cards. And the situation turns out: because of some unknown people, everything becomes so expensive that it is simply impossible.

GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphic card price chart
The price of the Geforce RTX 2060 Super graphics card has doubled from 2020 to 2022. The price increase was in no way connected with the rise in price of components

Another example is that gamers don’t like NFTs. They don’t like it when game publishers openly try to make more money on users. Gamers find that big game companies like the idea of using NFTs as a way to squeeze more money out of microtransactions. Buying a digital hat for a character is only worth something because of artificial scarcity and bragging rights, and NFT supports both. Well, there is also an opinion that they pollute the environment and are very expensive.

I am neutral towards this technology. But if you take the average gamer, he will hate any publishers’ attempts to introduce NFT into the game. For example, gamers’ hostility to NFTs increased after GSC Game World was about to implement NFTs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, the sequel to the 13-year-old cult hit. Angry reactions from gamers, including vows not to buy the game, convinced GSC to drop their plans. Even though they didn’t admit it themselves.


Together with Christine Graule, we considered 5 reasons why gamers are most likely not to come to the Decentraland metaverse. All of the reasons in order:

  • The Metaverse opens in a browser;
  • The graphics are inferior to the latest AAA games;
  • There are more convenient tools for communication;
  • Quests are scattered across the metaverse and look like child’s play to gamers;
  • Decentraland uses blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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